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Ui/Ux Design

02.2022 - 06.2022

The Brief

This was a project, I did during my studies at FH JOANNEUM. The brief is easy to explain, I had to identify a problem that people in my personal surroundings were having and create a solution, whether it would be an App, service, or website, for that particular problem. In my case, I noticed, that friends and family of mine were struggling with the parking situation in and around Graz.

The Solution

To solve this problem, I created an app where you could search for parking opportunities, buy parking tickets and even get directions on where you parked your car if you couldn't find it.

The Service

To create this app, I first talked to friends and family to find a problem I could solve, then I wrote down the key features that the app should have. Next, I created a paper prototype, which I tested with three of my friends and family. After the testing, I corrected the mistakes I made during the initial design of the prototype and ended up with a high-fidelity clickable prototype.

A picture of Jakob Schnurrer