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Wikipedia ­ Redesign

Wikipedia ­ Redesign

Ui/Ux Design

02.2022 - 06.2022

The Brief

This project was created during the "Screen Design" course at FH JOANNEUM.
The aim of this class was to design a new screen interface or redesign an existing digital product. We were free to choose, what products, and screens we wanted to design.

The Solution

The Wikipediaredesign gets rid of the visual clutter, that the original Wikipedia website has, it hides, a lot of links behind menus, next I exchanged the serif font for a more modern sans-serif font, also the tools are bound to the right side, and the summary, as well as the pictures, are bound to the left decluttering the site even more.

The Service

The outcome is a prototyped and redesigned Wikipedia website, existing on the main pages of the website. (two different article pages, a donation page, a main page, a theme portal, and detail views for the pictures)

A picture of Jakob Schnurrer