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ja-e website

ja-e website

Web Design

02.2023 - 03.2023

The Brief

I created this website for the design startup I cofounded during the startups course at FH JOANNEUM, "ja-e design", the name comes from the initials of the cofounders Jakob, Julia, Johanna, Anna & Eli)
To present our company digitally, we needed a website, that would present our past works, the team, and a way to connect to us.

The Solution

I created a very simple and straightforward website for our startup, it consists of a short main page to present who we are, two project pages for our two fields of experience, web design, and print design, and a team page to present every member of our team.

The Service

This website took me through the whole process of creating, programming, and publishing a website to the internet using an FTP server. First, I created the design in Adobe XD, then programmed it using HTML, CSS, and PHP, and after all the designing and programming was done, I uploaded the finished files to the FTP server.

A picture of Jakob Schnurrer