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Sustainability4u ­ Website

Sustainability4u ­ Website

Web Design

09.2023 - 11.2023

The Brief

The goal of this project was to create a website for the new sustainable poster exhibition of Sustainability4U. To brief included, the creation of a fully responsive Website, that displayed additional information, to the posters, provided an Audio Guide, that visitors could listen to, provide information about additional services, like educational downloads or the option to invite experts to give a talk. The whole design should fit resemble the graphic style of the posters, to make the whole appearance, online and offline, as consecutive as possible.

The Solution

This was the biggest project, I have worked on yet. We built a lot of different looking subpages and struggled with the restrictions, that a tool like Wordpress has.
In the end I can proudly present this project as on of my favorites.

The Service

I worked on this project together with Julia, a study colleague of mine, she was in charge of the design and I was in charge of actually creating the website. We created the Webdesign, using Figma and built the website with Wordpress and Elementor. We chose Wordpress, since the Sustainability4U team wanted to edit parts of the content, afterwards and Wordpress provides an easy to use interface. Additionally, I created custom code snippets (HTML & CSS) that were needed to make the website fully functional, like the audioguide button or the download section.

A picture of Jakob Schnurrer