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Ui/Ux Design

10.2022 - 01.2023

The Brief

This project was created during the "Applied Game Design" course at FH JOANNEUM.
The brief of this project was simple, to come up with a mobile game, that incorporated the values of the SDGs (= Sustainable Development Goals).

The Solution

In our jump and run adventure a crazy professor predicted the end of the world because of climate change. Your goal as a player is to patch up the planet earth after it exploded and shattered into many pieces. The player controls the character who collects items to fix the problems of the particular segment species to put the earth back together again.

The Service

As the indie game studio "Goji studios", my group and I developed a concept, to make our game "a*part" a success. We created personas, thought about a catching story, drew characters and worlds, created screens, did market research and thought about a marketing strategy. After all the work was done, we presented our game in front of a jury and in a printed booklet.
My role was to create the characters to populate our game world and help to make the User Interface as user-friendly as possible.


after we presented our game, one of the jurors came up to us and asked for a copy of our booklet in which we presented our work. She wanted to show it to her students, what a cool surprise.

A picture of Jakob Schnurrer