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Creative Coding

10.2022 - 01.2023

The Brief

This project was created during the "Auftragsorientiertes Gestalten" (="Order-oriented design ") course at FH JOANNEUM.
The goal of this project was, to create a prototype for an exhibit, that AVL could display during conferences on various continents. The only restriction was, that it should be able to be disassembled and shipped, there fore it had to fit into a one by one by three meter box.

The Solution

In the end, our group came up with a concept, that people could interact with. The end product was a round table, with a screen and little magnetic toys that the visitors could assemble. After connecting the pieces together, they could put it on a weight sensor, which would change the color of the table, based on how much weight was on the sensor. The screen displayed a video, containing various information about AVL, we planned, that if we would go further, the displaced video would also change with the added weight on the sensor.

The Service

After coming up with a concept, we had to build and present our prototype, which took longer than expected. First we assembled the table and embedded the screen into the surface. Then, I programmed an Arduino, to change the colors of an LED stripe, based on the output of the weight sensor. The stripe was later routed below the surface and around the tables stand. Lastly we covered the whole thing in a thin, slightly see through table cloth, to hide the tech and disburse the light, edited by the LED stripe.


A very pleasant surprise was, when my group won second place, with our idea, even though the jury didn't like our prototype (it wasn't very well made), but the test-visitors did, which boosted our stats, to get us the silver medal.

A picture of Jakob Schnurrer