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"Obstgarten" ­ a dropper game

"Obstgarten" ­ a dropper game

Creative Coding

04.2023 - 06.2023

The Brief

This project was created during the "Generative Design 2" course at FH JOANNEUM.
The goal go this course was to create a prototype for an interactive experience, using Processing, to run the program.

The Solution

My group wanted to recreate a very well known board game for kids, called "Obstgarten" as an interactive experience for a store that sells environmentally friendly sourced goods. It was planned that customers could catch fruits that fell of trees, using their own body to move a virtual representation of them to catch the fruits, using a xbox Kinect sensor.
In the end, the game could be played, using the keyboard, for show purposes.

The Service

As a team we went through brainstorming our ideas, creating the assets that were used in the game, actually coding the game, creating a mockup for the "real world application" of our prototype and presenting our project in the end. My role was to write the code, that the game would run on, incorporate the assets, created, by my team and present the concept.

A picture of Jakob Schnurrer